Project Spotlight

You Can See For Miles
Sanded Dura-Cap®

Upper East Side of Manhattan
New York, NY
  • 6,000 sq. ft. of 1/2" to 2" Sanded Dura-Cap



Overview:This project consisted of joining two 3,000 square foot penthouse apartments which had been fully gutted exposing concrete which was out of level and badly in need of smoothing before various types of finished floors were installed. Typical for New York City, the building offered no space for a street-side set-up. The jobsite was 35 floors up and was considered too small of an area for high-rise pumping techniques.

Maxxon Pre-Sanded Dura-Cap was a great solution. With depths ranging from ½” to 2”, this product brought an economical alternative to what has often been the arena of higher priced self-levelers.

View of Manhattan   Old floor to be topped with Dura-Cap
Grade pins were set to assist with leveling the floor Sanded Dura-Cap is pumped and finished