Project Spotlight

Walton Street Renovation

Commercial Topping®

Atlanta, GA
  • 27,000 sq. ft. of Commercial Topping poured at an average 1-1/4” depth


Maxxon Dealer:

MidSouth Floor Systems
Powder Springs, GA

General Contractor:
The Dockery Group
Peachtree City, GA
Overview: When renovation work to convert this old building into a luxury hotel began, problems with the floors were discovered. Years of rain leaks had taken a toll on the hardwood floors, necessitating their removal. The damage was removed down to the cinder concrete sleeper system. Unsure of how to create a new surface that could be built on top of, the contractor contacted MidSouth Floor Systems for help. After a plan was established, the contractor filled in holes bigger than one inch and MidSouth prepped the floor with several coats of Maxxon Acrylic Sealer. The contractor then set all the grade points and MidSouth installed 1-1/4” of Commercial Topping, providing a smooth, strong floor ready to receive a variety of finished floor goods.