Project Spotlight

Pomona College North Campus Residence Halls

Maxxon DPM®
Pomona, CA
  • 45,500 sq ft Maxxon Damp Proof Membrane (DPM) topped with a Level-Right Self-Leveling Underlayment


Maxxon Dealer:

Cell-Crete Corporation, Monrovia, CA

General Contractor:
Hathaway Dinwiddie, San Francisco, CA
Ehrlich Architects, Salt Lake City, UT
Overview: Cell-Crete Corporation helped Pomona College achieve strong, level floors through the installation of 45,500 sq ft of a Level-Right Self-Leveling Underlayment in the new north campus residence halls.  Maxxon DPM was also installed as a vapor barrier underneath the cementitious topping.


Maxxon DPM is brushed over the subfloor.



Sand is then spread over the wet Maxxon DPM   Level-Right WearTop is pumped over the dried Maxxon DPM and then floated to a smooth finish