Project Spotlight

801 Polaris Parkway

Acousti-Mat® I, Gyp-Crete®
Columbus, OH
  • 120,600 ft2 of Acousti-Mat I throughout hard surface areas and 202,500 ft2 Gyp-Crete Underlayment poured at average depth of ¾"


Maxxon Dealer:

Kent Companies
Columbus, OH


Humphreys & Partners Architects
Chicago, IL

Thompson Thrift Construction
Terre Haute, IN

Overview: 801 Polaris Parkway is a four-story mid-rise residential complex situated in northern Columbus, Ohio. Kent Companies installed 120,600 square feet of Acousti-Mat I, which was topped with 3/4” of Gyp-Crete in the entryway, living room, bathroom and kitchen of each residential unit. The mat and topping contributed an additional 6-8 IIC ratings points to the floor/ceiling assembly.   In total, over 200,000 square feet of Gyp-Crete was installed throughout corridor areas and the units.

Committed to safety, productivity, quality and customer service, Kent Companies delivered the highest level of workmanship throughout the project.