Project Spotlight

Magic City Artspace Lofts

Acousti-Mat® 1/8 Maxxon® Reinforcement and Commercial Topping®

Minot, ND
  • 38,000 sq ft of Acousti-Mat® 1/8 and Maxxon® Reinforcement topped with
    Commercial Topping®. Thermal-Chem provides the finished wear surface for these apartments.


Maxxon Dealer:

RRC Specialties, Inc.
Fargo, ND

Minneapolis, MN

General Contractor:
Loeffler Construction & Consulting
Lakeville, MN

Overview: Minot has been known as the "Magic City" since it first sprang up, seemingly overnight, in the late 1800s. Over the last decade, an oil boom has brought many new arrivals, generating a severe shortage of affordable housing. Minot is committed to engaging its arts community as a core asset in its rebuilding process, deploying creativity and sweat equity to spur complementary development. Minot Artspace Lofts, the first new building in downtown Minot in 30 years, is an arts anchor with 34 units of affordable live/work space where artists can create, increase their income and establish roots in the
heart of Minot.