Project Spotlight

TRYP at Marina Bay Resort

Level-Right®, Level-Right® LDF

Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Level-Right - 1,400 Bags
  • Level-Right LDF - 800 Bags


Maxxon Dealer:

Floor Technologies, Inc.
Hialeah Gardens, FL

General Contractor:
Blue Water Builders
Coral Springs, FL

Forbes Architects
Coral Gables, FL

Overview: Blue Water Builders initially contacted Floor Technologies, Inc. regarding the levelness of the 2nd floor of the newly constructed TRYP Maritime Hotel which had settled and sunk, causing floor slabs to fall out of level by up to 5". After walking the entire eight floors of the building, it became evident that each floor had levelness issues that needed to be addressed.

Initially, the client worked to halt any shoring of the earth underneath the building. They then used high-tech sensor equipment to monitor movement in the grade. Floor Technologies was brought in to recommend a solution to absolutely ensure the flooring was level and that no additional movement would occur. Floor Technologies suggested Maxxon LDF (Low Density Fill) in conjunction with Maxxon Level-Right due to LDF's ultra-low weight impact per cubic foot, and Level-Right's high-strength, faster cure time, and low-impact on the environment. After reviewing the product data, an engineering firm working with Forbes Architects determined the depths necessary and the additional weight each floor would be able to withstand.

Floor Technologies worked closely with the Architect/Engineer team, adhering to strict guidelines of the floor remediation drawings. After four months, 800 bags of Level-Right LDF, and 1,400 bags of Level-Right, the TRYP Maritime Hotel now has eight beautiful, level floors and 150 luxurious guest rooms including extended stay apartments.

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