Project Spotlight

The Farwell Building

Commercial Topping®

Capital Park District, Detroit, MI
  • 65,000 sq. ft. of Deep Fill capped with 1 inch Maxxon Commercial Topping


Maxxon Dealer:

Kent Companies
Detroit, MI

General Contractor:
BuildTech Ltd
Capital Park Partnership


Detroit’s iconic Farwell Building was called a “once in a lifetime project” by the developers behind Capital Park Partnership.  The Farwell Building is situated in the Capital Park district, which is rich with the city’s history. 
While the Farwell Building was constructed in 1915, it sat largely vacant since the 1970’s.

Capital Park Partnership and BuildTech Ltd. developed  plans to revitalize the eight-story Farwell Building by transforming it into 82 residential apartments, office space and a rooftop deck.  They turned to Kent Companies to help make it happen.

The wood and mortar flooring system throughout the Farwell Building was extremely deteriorated.  Kent Companies’ Underlayments Division provided critical repairs by pouring one inch of deep fill and a once inch cap of Maxxon Commercial Topping across all floors.  The team repaired over 65,000 square feet, leaving a safe, level work surface for finished floor goods.

Kent Companies worked from the ground up to help the Farwell Building reclaim the downtown spotlight.

-Courtesy of Kent Companies Marketing Department