Project Spotlight

Ellis Middle School

Maxxon® MVP and Dura-Cap®
Austin Middle School
  • 8,200 sq. ft. of Maxxon MVP topped with Dura-Cap ranging in depth from skim coat to 4”.


Maxxon Dealer:

Floor Technologies, Inc.
Hamel, MN

Overview: When the Austin School District decided to install a new basketball court at Ellis Middle School, the floor goods installers found that the concrete subfloor’s moisture emissions rate was above acceptable levels for the wood floor. Maxxon MVP was selected as a surface applied moisture barrier. First, the subfloor was shot blasted to remove old adhesive. Then the Maxxon MVP was applied at a specific coverage rate to ensure effective moisture mitigation. Maxxon MVP was then topped with Dura-Cap ranging in depth from a skim coat up to 4”.