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Gypsum Underlayments Product List

Gypsum Underlayment Chart
Not sure which underlayment is right for your project? Use this chart determine which Maxxon Underlayment is recommended for your project type.

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Gyp-Crete Flooring Underlayment

Gyp-Crete® Maxxon Green Mark
The industry standard for use over wood subfloors in multifamily construction. Provides sound and fire control. Its smooth surface is ideal for finished floor goods. Gyp-Crete is an Eco-Friendly Building Product, and is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Gyp-Crete 2000® / 3.2 K

Gyp-Crete 2000®/3.2 K Maxxon Green Mark
Achieving strengths up to 3200 psi, designed for use in single family and light commercial construction. Also ideal for renovation projects. Gyp-Crete 2000/3.2K, an Eco-Friendly building product, is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Gyp-Fix EZ Patch

Gyp-Fix EZ
Gyp-Fix EZ™ Patch is a non-shrinking, high-strength, trowelable underlayment designed for preparing all subfloors. Gyp-Fix EZ™ Patch features a smooth consistency and finish that is flooring ready in as little as 40 minutes. This patch bonds to common subfloors including concrete and gypsum, making it an effective solution anywhere a patch or skimcoat is needed.


Therma-Floor® Maxxon Green Mark
Designed specifically for radiant floor heating systems. Use over hot water tubes or electric cables. Provides the ideal thermal mass, plus fire and sound control. Therma-Floor, an Eco-Friendly building product, is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Dura-Cap® Flooring

Dura-Cap® Flooring Maxxon Green Mark
Ideal for smoothing concrete slabs or precast planks in new or renovation projects. Covers old floor coverings, including vinyl asbestos tile. It can be poured from 3 inches deep to a featheredge. Compressive strengths up to 4,000 psi (27.6 MPa). Dura-Cap, an Eco-Friendly building product, is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Commercial Topping®

Commercial Topping® Maxxon Green Mark
Poured from a featheredge to 3", in new construction or renovation projects. Achieves compressive strengths of 4000 to 4500 psi and pours over VAT, VCT, terrazzo or ceramic, with no shotblasting required. Commercial Topping, an Eco-Friendly building product, is GREENGUARD Gold Certified.

Maxxon Green Mark The Maxxon Green Mark: Maxxon products with this symbol may help contribute toward points for LEED® project certification.