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MVP Two-Part Epoxy Data Sheet


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Product Description:

Maxxon Commercial MVP Two-Part Epoxy is a 100% solids epoxy coating specially designed for interior use over concrete with high moisture and/or pH levels. Maxxon Commercial MVP Two-Part Epoxy manages moisture levels up to 100% RH and prevents alkalinity blocks up to pH 14 in concrete subfloors from negatively affecting floor-covering adhesives, underlayments, and floor coverings.

  • 5500 psi
  • Up to 100% RH, MVER of 25lbs, and a pH of 14
  • Easy to Apply
  • ASTM F3010 compliant
  • Fast cure in as little 4 hours
  • Zero VOCs
MVP 2-Part Epoxy

Technical Data:

Packaging: 2.5 gal.pail containing 1.5 gal Part A and 1 gal. Part B
Working time: 20 minutes
Curing Time: 4 hours
Compressive Strength: 5,500 psi