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Maxxon® Commercial MVP One Primer


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Product Description:

Maxxon® Commercial MVP One Primer is a ready-to-use, zero VOC moisture barrier and primer. When applied to concrete substrates, Maxxon® Commercial MVP One Primer addresses moisture-related issues (high MVER, RH, and pH) and primes the surface for an underlayment or patch. It has a typical re-coat time of less than one hour, allowing for rapid turnaround on fast-track projects.

Product Advantages:

  • Zero VOC, water-based and non-toxic
  • Up to 100% RH, 25 lbs. MVER, and pH of 14
  • Easy application: No minimum CSP requirement, apply to porous surface
  • Ready-to-use product applied with roller
  • Quick drying - underlayment or patch can be installed in 30–60 minutes after second coat
  • Less than 0.1 perm rating as required by ASTM F3010, meets or exceeds E96
  • Cost effective

Technical Data:

% Solid: 25%
VOCs: 0 g/l
Application Rate: 2 coats yield 250 sf/gallon
An aggressively profiled substrate may reduce yield per gallon.
Color: Milky White, dries clear
Dry Time: 30-60 min per coat
Installation Temperature: 45°F – 100°F
Concrete Surface Temperature: min 40°F
Packaging: 5-gallon pail
Total Coverage: 1250 sf
Shelf Life: 12 months unopened
Storage Conditions: 65 – 90 °F

All data are average values obtained under laboratory conditions. In practical use temperature, humidity and absorbence of the substrate may influence the above given values.