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Product Description:

Maxxon® CSM is a reinforcement product used in conjunction with Maxxon Underlayments and Acousti-Mat Sound Control Mats for crack suppression and to reduce underlayment pour depth. Conditions such as potential movement of the subfloor - which could cause underlayments or hard surface floor goods to crack - have typically been handled by installing metal lath prior to the underlayment pour. Although lath is difficult to install and its cost has been rapidly increasing, there haven't been any reliable, more cost-effective options - until now.

Maxxon CSM consists of a core of fused, entangled polymeric filaments bonded to a geotextile fabric on one side. Maxxon CSM provides a cost-effective crack supression alternative to metal lath and can also be used to reduce the depth of underlayment topping a sound control mat. Its strong fibers, containing 40% post-industrial recycled content, provide an excellent reinforcement for a variety of floor systems. Maxxon CSM is an Eco-Friendly building material and can help contribute points towards LEED® certification. Click here for additional information on our Eco-Friendly building products.


gypsum underlayment over crack suppression

  • Provides reinforcement for underlayments and hard surface floor goods
  • Available with water resistant fabric
  • 40% pre-consumer recycled content
  • An Eco-Friendly building product
  • May help contribute points toward LEED® project certification
  • Maxxon CSM may be used:
    • To reduce underlayment thickness to 3/4" (19 mm) over Acousti-Mat II or Enkasonic systems *
    • To replace metal lath on Acousti-Mat 3 systems *
    • In conjunction with any Maxxon Underlayment *
  • Also:
    • Under radiant floor heating tubes
    • Under radiant floor heat cables

* Application received the "EXTRA HEAVY AND HIGH IMPACT USE" rating from the Tile Council of North America

Technical Data:
Thickness, nominal: 0.4" (10.3 mm)


Code Listings:
  • ESR-2540
  • ESR-1153
  • ESR-1141
  • ESR-1774
  • HUD951i
  • City of Los Angeles