Mass Timber



Mass Timber Construction is revolutionizing the construction industry by increasing sustainability; decreasing construction time and labor requirements and captivating occupants with its beauty. From cross laminated timber (CLT) to nail laminated timber (NLT), the mass timber category is rapidly gaining the attention of people across the global. Its appeal is undeniable… the warmth of exposed wood panels gives occupants a connection to nature even while indoors.

When the raw materials are left exposed as the ceiling, sound control must be addressed in the floor assembly. A Maxxon Acousti-Mat® System offers reduction of both impact and airborne sound waves with options to meet or exceed sound code minimum.


Maxxon's Acousti-Mat® System for Mass Timber

  • Offers significant impact and airborne sound reduction
  • 3.5" maximum system thickness
  • Fast, easy installation
  • Smooth, hard surface compatibile with a variety of finished floor goods
  • Concrete-look wear surface option available
  • Fully warrantied system
  • Verified by more than 100 sound test over mass timber assemblies



Check out our new Mass Timber brochure with new sound test information featuring our Acousti-Mat systems.




Project Name: Candlewood Suites - Redstone Arsenal
Project Type: Cross Laminated Timber
Location: Huntsville, AL
Maxxon Installer: Kentuckiana Floor Systems


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