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It's a great time to earn your AIA CEU credits. Contact your Maxxon Representative to hold an online presentation for your firm. Our AIA Approved Presentations are listed below:


AIA CEU Approved Courses

1 AIA LU for each completed course – 1 hour presentation

Specifying the Right Product for the Right Application

Learn more about the benefits of underlayments and sound control mats and how to select the right products for your project. You will learn more about how underlayments and sound mats are installed, how they help to enhance the safety and marketability of a project, as well as the factors necessary in determining which products should be specified in a variety of applications.


Sound Control in Multistory Buildings

In this course you will learn how to build a floor/ceiling assembly with sound control in mind. Topics will include common terminology as it relates to acoustical construction, the International Building Code criteria for sound control, and the 4 key considerations in design of a floor/ceiling assembly. To illustrate the need for proper sound control, sound control test data will be presented. Additionally, the presentation reviews common construction errors that can impact noise control.


Fire and Acoustical Considerations in Mass Timber Construction

This course will discuss the various types of Mass Timber Construction, focusing on the Fire and Acoustical Considerations associated with Cross Laminated Timber Construction. Topics will include the differences and benefits of each type of mass timber assemblies, the reasons behind two hour fire ratings and the role gypsum underlayments play in fire resistance, planned changes to the International Building Code, and the pitfalls and solutions to sound control in mass timber assemblies.


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