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Commercial Topping® Data Sheet Maxxon Green Mark

Commercial Topping Sweets


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Product Description:

Fast drying Commercial Topping® pours from a featheredge to 3" (76 mm) in new construction or renovation projects.  With compressive strengths of 4,000 psi (27.4 MPa) to 4,500 psi (31 MPa), it's the ideal underlayment to meet ASTM F 710, Preparing Concrete to Receive Resilient Flooring. It pours over VAT, VCT, terazzo or ceramic, with no shotblasting required.  For the ultimate strong, smooth finish over concrete, precast, steel deck, wood frame, and old cracked lightweight concrete, specify Commercial Topping.

Commercial Topping, an Eco-Friendly building product, is an ideal solution for sustainable building projects.

Commercial Topping a self-leveling gypsum underlayment

Technical Data:

Compressive Strengths: Typical range of 4,000 to 4,500 (28 to 31 MPa)
Point Loading: Typical loading of up to 3,500 lbs.
on a 1" (1589 kg on a 25.4 mm) diameter disc
Dry Density: 125 lbs./ft³ (2,000 kg/m³)
Weight: At 1/2", less than 5.3 lbs./sq. ft.
(At 12.7 mm, less than 25.9 kg/m²)
Flexural Strength: (ASTM C 348) 1660 psi (11.4 MPa) after 28 days
Tensile Strength: (ASTM C 190) 460 psi (3.2 MPa) after 28 days
Surface Burning Characteristics: Flame spread: 0
Fuel contributed: 0
Smoke density: 0
VOC: GREENGUARD Gold Certified

'Green' Information:

Sample USGBC LEED Credit Areas*
Project Credit Category
Environmental Quality EQ 2 Low Emitting Materials
  EQ 4 Indoor Air Quality Assessment
  EQ 9 Acoustic Performance
Materials & Resources MR 3 Building Product Disclosure and Optimization - Sourcing Raw Materials
* Credits may vary depending on project type and Maxxon products used.

Gyp-Crete 2000 is a GREENGUARD certified gypsum floor underlayment 

Commercial Topping is GREENGUARD and GREENGUARD Gold Certified.
For additional information on GREENGUARD from UL Environment, the USGBC, and Commercial Topping's qualifications for earning LEED points, please see our "Go Green" page.

Code Listings:
  • ESR-2540
  • ULEU.R8477
  • ESR-1153
  • ESR-1141
  • ESR-1774
  • HUD951i
  • GREENGUARD Certified
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified