Choosing the Right Self-Leveling Underlayment

R - Recommended product for this application
A - Acceptable alternative product for this application; consult your Maxxon dealer

Type of Application Type of Subfloor Level-Right® Level EZ Type of Application
Multifamily Wood-New A   Multifamily
Wood-Renovation A  
Concrete-New A A
Concrete-Renovation A A
Steel Deck   A
Radiant Heating A  

Single Family Wood-New A   Single Family
Wood-Renovation A  
Concrete-New R A
Concrete-Renovation R A
Radiant Heating A  

Commercial Wood-New A   Commercial
Wood-Renovation A  
Concrete-New R R
Concrete-Renovation R R
Steel Deck R R
Radiant Heating A  
Wood-Encapsulation V.A.T. A  
Concrete-Encapsulation V.A.T. R R

Self-Leveling Comparison Chart

  Self-Leveling Underlayments  
Level-Right® Level EZ
Installation Depths 0 - 3" (76 mm) 1/4" - 2"
(6 - 51 mm)
Compressive Strengths Up to 5500 psi
(38 MPa)
Up to 4500 psi
(31 MPa)
Installation Over Existing Floor Goods No shotblasting
No Shotblasting
Polymer Modified No Yes
UL Rated Yes Yes
ICC-ES Listed Yes
(Legacy Report
"Green" Building Material Yes --

These charts are only for reference. Consult your Maxxon dealer for detailed product specifications