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Addressing Noise Complaints in Multistory Construction

Did you know that noise is the #1 complaint in multifamily construction? Sound control mats are designed to isolate foot fall impact sound in floor/ceiling assemblies. Selecting the correct sound control mat may seem like a daunting task, but there are several things to ask in determining which mat to choose:

What is the Floor/Ceiling Assembly?
The inherent design of a building can dictate the level of sound control you need in order to meet and/or exceed code. Knowing the base sound performance of your floor/ceiling assembly will help narrow down your choices for a sound control mat.

What is the UL Fire Design or Code?

Maxxon sound control mats are in numerous codes as well as in over 100 UL Fire Rated Designs.

What is the Acoustical Requirement?

The International Building Code specifies that assemblies shall have a sound transmission class (STC) of not less than 50 (45 if field tested). The STC rating measures the amount of airborne noise transmitted through common walls, partitions, as well as floor/ceiling assemblies. The code also specifies that the impact isolation class (IIC) rating, which measures the impact noise, be no less than 50 (45 if field tested).

What is the Budget?

Of course, budget also needs to be taken into consideration when selecting a sound control mat. However, future use of the project should also be considered; improving acoustics once construction is complete is costly and time-consuming.