Choosing the Right Self-Leveling Underlayment

R - Recommended product for this application
A - Acceptable alternative product for this application; consult your Maxxon dealer

Type of Application Type of Subfloor Level-Right® Level-One™ EZ Type of Application
Multifamily Wood-New A   Multifamily
Wood-Renovation A  
Concrete-New A A
Concrete-Renovation A A
Steel Deck   A
Radiant Heating A  

Single Family Wood-New A   Single Family
Wood-Renovation A  
Concrete-New R A
Concrete-Renovation R A
Radiant Heating A  

Commercial Wood-New A   Commercial
Wood-Renovation A  
Concrete-New R R
Concrete-Renovation R R
Steel Deck R R
Radiant Heating A  
Wood-Encapsulation V.A.T. A  
Concrete-Encapsulation V.A.T. R R

Self-Leveling Comparison Chart

  Self-Leveling Underlayments  
Level-Right® Level-One™ EZ
Installation Depths 0 - 3" (76 mm) 1/4" - 2"
(6 - 51 mm)
Compressive Strengths Up to 5500 psi
(38 MPa)
Up to 4500 psi
(31 MPa)
Installation Over Existing Floor Goods No shotblasting
No Shotblasting
Polymer Modified No Yes
UL Rated Yes --
ICC-ES Listed Yes
(Legacy Report
"Green" Building Material Yes --

These charts are only for reference. Consult your Maxxon dealer for detailed product specifications