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Considerations for Projects with a Deep Fill Application

Converting old buildings into multifamily housing, offices, or retail stores has brought about a unique set of flooring considerations, including levelness, covering damaged floors or floor goods, or floor height concerns. Addressing a floor height issue on suspended floors with weight limitations and where the floor needs to be brought up to a specific level may require a deep fill solution. When dealing with a deep fill application, several items should be considered to determine the right solution for the application:
  • Maximum Allowable Weight of the Underlayment System – the finished floor height will dictate what deep fill products are viable based on the maximum weight allowed for the underlayment system.
  • End Use of the Space and Finished Floor Goods – the end use of the renovated space may require that a minimum density and compressive strength is met, therefore eliminating some deep fill products as an option. For example EPS foam must meet ASTM C578 – “Standard Specification for Rigid Polystyrene Thermal Insulation” in order to be topped with an underlayment.
  • Existing Floor Protrusions and Penetrations – EPS slab foam cannot bridge over existing wires, conduit, floor penetrations or protrusions. This is where a low density, pumpable fill is ideal.
  • Undulations in the Old Floor – if using EPS slab foam as deep fill, the floor must be pre-poured to remove all undulations so that the foam lays flat with no voids below it. A flowable, low density fill is a perfect solution as it saves significant time.
  • Availability of the Deep Fill Product – depending on the project location, some pumpable deep fill products may not be readily available. This could drive up project cost and lead time.
Determining the best product for a deep fill application can make a major impact on a project’s budget, timeline and long term functionality. For assistance in determining the right solution for your next deep fill project, please contact a Maxxon Regional Representative at (800) 356-7887.